Ocean County Council of Education Associations


Superstorm Sandy

When Superstorm Sandy struck the NJ shore, Ocean County Council of Education Associations jumped into high gear.  Our County President, Kathy Eagan, contacted NJEA leaders and the leaders in OCCEA to have a meeting to discuss how we can best help our members during these terrible times.  We brainstormed ideas, we shared stories about how our members have been affected by the storm, we talked how we could possibly help our friends/members and yes, we even cried.  We decided that we need to help the students and staff members feel a little more comfortable by providing with the immediate needs.  We meet another day and gathered together bookbags that were provided from other local associations for the students, other counties sent supplies for the students and for the teachers.  NJEA sent people out to shop for the teachers to replace some of their desk supplies that were lost during the storm.  We all worked very hard but it was one of the most rewarding days for all of us.  Below are some of the pictures documenting these days.

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