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     Although we cannot meet in person, the OCCEA Rep. Council Zoom will be help at 5:00 pm, Wednesday, June 2. Please contact your local president for the link.
     OCCEA stands for the Ocean County Council of Education Associations and is the county affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association. Its members consist of the educational professionals and educational support professionals who work in the public schools throughout Ocean County. The lighthouse which is historically recognized as a symbol of strength and unity is used as the symbol of the  OCCEA in conjunction with the widely recognized unity symbol of the NJEA.
     The mission of the OCCEA is to work toward providing a quality education in a safe environment and under quality working conditions so as the members of the OCCEA and their student population will experience a high level of success. To achieve this mission, the OCCEA provides bi monthly Rep Council Meetings, workshops, and professional development training for its members. In conjunction with the NJEA, the county organization is in place to communicate the latest information and direction to its members.
     The current membership of the OCCEA is slightly above 10,000 members.