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In Member to Member you will be able to find helpful tips to help you navigate your way for a successful school year.  I invite you to submit your tips for the new teachers, novice teachers and experience teachers.  It is a fact that we all learn best from each other.  All of us have found something that works in our classroom that you need to share with others. Please contribute your tips and advice in the blog below so that it can be place on the OCCEA’s website.

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  1. This year I wanted to see if I could change the atmosphere in the classroom to be a more positive climate. To do this I decided that I would say “Hello” to my students while I take attendance and the students would not answer “Here” but would also answer with “Hello”. What I found that my students and I had a smile after the attendance which created a positive feel in the room.

    I challenge you to try this simple routine to see if you too will create a positive feel in your classroom.

    Jinny Hoden

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