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The job of the teacher is exceedingly complex, one which requires a wide array of knowledge, skills, and a teacher must become a life long learner.  That’s why the professional learning of educators requires thoughtful organization, resources and must be focused on the advancement of student learning.  NJEA and NEA have joined in the effort to provide you with Online Professional Development Learning.  Below are links that will help guide you as you begin your continuing education.

NJEA Professional Conventions and Conferences

Take advantage of the many conferences and conventions that NJEA provides to all their members through-out the year.  To begin the new school year, NJEA provides members with the NJEA Summer Leadership Conference which runs the first week in August.  Its focus is to develop a strong knowledge of members rights, developing leadership skills, negotiation techniques, teacher evaluation models, and other topics that will strengthen the local associations.

In November the outstanding NJEA Convention where NJEA offers many workshops during the two day long convention.  Please make sure that you read NJEA Review Magazine to get the list of workshops and keynote speakers.  Through-out the day, on the floor of Convention Hall, there is a section entitled Technology Integration Showplace.  In this section of Convention Hall, teachers from across the State will be giving workshops about topics/programs that they perform in their classroom.  You won’t want to miss any of these teacher-to-teacher lessons.

Then there are the NJEA Winter Leadership Conferences.  NJEA provides three different venues, South – Central – North, locations so that all members will be able to attend no matter where in the State that they live.  These workshops concentrate on educating members to help their local association’s members.

There are so many opportunities that NJEA offers their members through-out the year such as:

  • NJEA Jim George Conference – October
  • NJEA ESP Conference – February
  • NJEA Higher Education Conference – April
  • Minority Leadership Conference – April
  • NJEA Technology Conference – July

I am sure there is something that you will find to be outstanding in your continuing education as a professional.