Courtesy of West Orange Public Schools Facebook Page
Teachers at West Orange cooking for students

Although not an Ocean County story or even Ocean County School District, it feels great to support ALL NJ public school teachers, especially with a story like this!  Students and staff at West Orange school district were caught off guard by the quick acting winter storm on Thursday November 15th 2018.  Buses were stranded for hours with students on them, forcing them to turn back and bring students back to school where they spent the night.  Teachers in elementary, middle and high school buildings stayed overnight with students, even cooking dinner or taking them to the local diner to make sure they were kept safe, warm and comfortable! Our hearts go out to all those dedicated teachers who made the last minute decision to stay with their students in a time of need!  THANK YOU!

More details to each of these specific stories can be found in the links below; courtesy of News 12 and West Orange Public Schools (Facebook)

Elementary teachers cooking for overnight students

High School Teachers take students to diner while stranded overnight (video link)


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